Coco no Coco cocktail photo

Coco no Coco

A creamy and cooling tiki drink perfect for any season

NO 218
NO 218
Coco no Coco cocktail photo Coco no Coco cocktail photo



  1. Combine all ingredients over ice and shake briefly, about 5 seconds
  2. Strain into a tiki mug or extra tall Collins glass filled with crushed ice, and garnish 3.
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Adapted From

Easy Tiki, Chloe Frechette, 2020

We stumbled across this adorable sounding drink while flipping through the pages of Easy Tiki. Ezra Star of the Boston based bar Drink, resourcefully paired heavy cream with orgeat, pineapple juice, and aged Demerara rum to create a go-to drink for moments when they were short on one of tiki’s favorite ingredients: coconut cream. The result is a real crowd pleaser full of wintery tiki vibes. It's full-bodied yet refreshing—kind of like an upgraded pina colada, tropical nog, or rummy milk punch. It’s fun, it’s different, yet it’s friendly enough that it won’t scare off less adventurous drinkers: an excellent choice for when you are chillin' with your mom and she wants a cocktail, but you can’t bear to make just another Brandy Alexander.

The nose provides a blast of cinnamon, nutmeg and pineapple. Up front you get a big hit of creamy chocolatey-ness, followed by more fruity pineapple and rummy flavors and a lingering funky pineapple at the end. The texture is nice and creamy. As the source implies, this drink’s preparation is very simple: four ingredients with easy to remember ratios. Demerara rum is really important in this drink because it gives it the chocolatey, caramelly finish that contributes to the confectionery, wintery vibes. These days there are a million small makers producing orgeat; we typically like Small Hand Foods but recently have been opting for Liber & Co simply because we can get a smaller portion of it (9.5oz vs 17.5oz, as a home bar we can rarely get through a full bottle). The drink is fairly sweet so you could consider knocking back on the sweeteners if that isn’t your thing. Shake it for a few seconds—not too long—you don’t want to dilute it much since it’s being poured over crushed ice. To give it a nice bit of complexity we add a bit of funky rum as a float. While the original recipe calls for a tonka bean for unique garnish, these are pretty hard to come by, we opted for a classic dusting of spices.

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